Weekly Song Challenge #0011

Blurgh, quick acoustic cover of Muse’s cover of The Smith’s please please please get me what I want.


Personal Blog Post #0001

So, I don’t want to be every other person on the internet and say “I’m sorry for not posting more often”. But I have been lax in not adding more written content instead of just content updates. With that in mind here’s the first personal blog… Read more of this post

Weekly Song Challenge #0002

Ok so this one was a little weird. I figured I would do a cool little piano piece, buuuut do to technical problems, I lost the file. Damn. Soooo instead I plugged in my acoustic guitar hit record and this is what happened… I ended up being well within the time limit on this one, recording took a whole four minutes, mixing took another four, exporting took two, and now it’s uploading… it’s a 90 minute song challenge!

well, anyway here is the one take, one track, acoustic song…

Bandcamp: http://goo.gl/KNKJl
Soundcloud: http://goo.gl/FuACn