H.A.S.T. EP#0005: The Atomic Bomb Part Two

Back in the ring to take another swing here we have part two of the atomic bomb! Enjoy!

H.A.S.T. EP#0003: The Atomic Bomb Part One

Hello! Me again!

This weeks episode is the first in a three part series, I’ll alternate the other two parts with regular HAST’s and there’s an Outtake this week! Exciting!
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H.A.S.T. EP#0002: How is this ok?

Hello hello what’s all this then? A new episode of HAST! Enjoy!
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More Metaness: Holy Sh!t I’m on the internet!

How did this happen? I’m on the internet? Who let that happen? Do the internet police know about this?
But Wait, There’s More!

H.A.S.T. EP#0001: The Scarecrow



Harley’s Awesome Story Time is a podcast where I tell improvised/Semi Improvised stories. This first episode features a story improvised for a friend. we call this story THE SCARECROW!