Weekly Song Challenge #0012

Sooo tired…. I made this song like six hours ago. I can’t even remember what it’s about… Enjoy?


Weekly Song Challenge #0011

Blurgh, quick acoustic cover of Muse’s cover of The Smith’s please please please get me what I want.

Weekly Song Challenge #0010

Here we go (yet) again! This one is a nice band song again! there’s even a little wah in there, aren’t I adventurous!

Weekly Song Challenge #0009

Here we go again!

Weekly Song Challenge #0008

Here it is again a new weekly song challenge… err… song! Huzzah, I’ve made a little synth track for your delectation this week!

Weekly Song Challenge #0005

Hello here are once again for a weekly song challenge! this week went a little different… I ended up making a lullaby… I think?

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/weaponsgradeapathy/weekly-song-challenge-0005
Bandcamp: http://weaponsgradeapathy.bandcamp.com/track/weekly-song-challenge-0005

Weekly Song Challenge #0004

Well here it is… I didn’t do the normal time stamp log thing, on the other hand I have vocals in this song. eek. They’re ok, I might revist this idea in the far flung future when I’m better at it… er… Enjoy!  Another 90 minute song challenge!