Weekly Song Challenge #0010

Here we go (yet) again! This one is a nice band song again! there’s even a little wah in there, aren’t I adventurous!


Project EVIE Update #0003 (Backdated)

So… I should’ve gotten to this sooner.

Anyway, I went and saw a dozen final year, six-months-in-production documentary film projects by University students from [redacted] university.

Oh god they were awful.


Most of the movies were edited poorly, and shot worse. The framing on interviews was way off, in one instance the shot was framed around a guys legs (for no reason) when he was doing a talking head.

Good news is I’m feeling much more confident about making a movie if these are the sort of things that people who’ve been studying for nigh on three years can muster.

Personal Blog Post #0003

What drives me? Spite? Absence?
Only if you really wanna know

Weekly Song Challenge #0009

Here we go again!

Project EVIE Update #0002

Oh god writing is painful.

I’m rewriting the entire thing and changing a bunch of stuff, which is fine, except I no longer know what the voice of the movie is. It was the narrator who was also going to be one of the main characters later; but now I’m thinking I split the two, can I have a narrator who isn’t necessarily a main character? Then it just becomes expository soundbytes from heaven. But then If I have a character who is also the narrator, we can’t really trust everything they’re saying. If it were true it’d be narration, other wise it’d be an interview.  Oh god, oh god, oh god.

I was very tempted to add in ‘that’s what she said’ at the end of the last paragraph. Aren’t I displaying impressive amounts of restraint. ha. ha.

Anyway, I was making good progress until I was stumped about what to do, then I wandered aimlessly around my apartment for half an hour trying to figure it out… so I’ve sort of hit a wall, but I’ve kind’ve figured out how to get past it… sort of. I’m just worried that if I go down a certain path I’ll waste my time or it’ll make everything irrevocably worse.

Ain’t it fun.


Personal Blog Post #0002

You know what it feels like most days? One step forward two steps back. amirite?

You think that was it? Oh no…

H.A.S.T. EP#0004: Dig Your Own Grave

Ep #0004 is here! Dig Your Own Grave! Featuring The Trouble With Harris! Enjoy!