Personal Blog Post #0004

And here we go again!

I know I missed an EVIE update, I’ll adress that tomorrow by doing a double post! Huzzah!

Anyway, I feel weird. After talking to my friends this weekend, I realised two things: first, I don’t know about alot of the things that happens in some of my friends lives. Second, I’m probably doing alright.

I’m probably just on the upswing this week. Am I actually doing ok? Is that allowed?
I was able to get past the writing problem I was having with EVIE, I’ve been going out more in the last two weeks. I’m getting things done around the house. The dishes are done, the washings washed.

Normally I’d just wait for the next thing to roll along and mess everything up again. But aside from some of the usual crazy notions I feel alright.

This is really weird.



About Harley G
I do a bit of this and that, Music, Writing and other little fun bits and pieces.

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