Weekly Song Challenge #0011

Blurgh, quick acoustic cover of Muse’s cover of The Smith’s please please please get me what I want.


Project EVIE Update #0004

So sharing creative things is hard. I was really nervous about inviting people over to read the script so far, I went and picked up the first of two from the train station. We get back and she readsit over and goes “well… there are a few problems…”. So we converse for a little while, and then I have to and pick up the other guy from the train station. He reads the script as well and says “ok, there are a few problems”.

So we’re off to a great start.

We converse about it for a little while and finally I come up with solutions to my script problems!

It’s kind of like Dr. House, sometimes you need some other people to bounce off of…

Personal Blog Post #0004

And here we go again!


H.A.S.T. EP#0005: The Atomic Bomb Part Two

Back in the ring to take another swing here we have part two of the atomic bomb! Enjoy!

Weekly Song Challenge #0010

Here we go (yet) again! This one is a nice band song again! there’s even a little wah in there, aren’t I adventurous!

Project EVIE Update #0003 (Backdated)

So… I should’ve gotten to this sooner.

Anyway, I went and saw a dozen final year, six-months-in-production documentary film projects by University students from [redacted] university.

Oh god they were awful.


Most of the movies were edited poorly, and shot worse. The framing on interviews was way off, in one instance the shot was framed around a guys legs (for no reason) when he was doing a talking head.

Good news is I’m feeling much more confident about making a movie if these are the sort of things that people who’ve been studying for nigh on three years can muster.

Personal Blog Post #0003

What drives me? Spite? Absence?
Only if you really wanna know