H.A.S.T. EP#0003: The Atomic Bomb Part One

Hello! Me again!

This weeks episode is the first in a three part series, I’ll alternate the other two parts with regular HAST’s and there’s an Outtake this week! Exciting!
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Weekly Song Challenge #0006

Here we convene for another weekly song challenge, again I’ll make it another 90 Minute Song Challenge.

Weekly Song Challenge #0005

Hello here are once again for a weekly song challenge! this week went a little different… I ended up making a lullaby… I think?

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Bandcamp: http://weaponsgradeapathy.bandcamp.com/track/weekly-song-challenge-0005

Weekly Song Challenge #0004

Well here it is… I didn’t do the normal time stamp log thing, on the other hand I have vocals in this song. eek. They’re ok, I might revist this idea in the far flung future when I’m better at it… er… Enjoy!  Another 90 minute song challenge!


H.A.S.T. EP#0002: How is this ok?

Hello hello what’s all this then? A new episode of HAST! Enjoy!
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90 Minute Song Challenge #0003

And I’m back, yes, a day late. My Bad. Another 90 minute song challenge!

Lets get Straight into it!

13:20 Hey ho, lets go!
13:30 Boom! Acoustic track down! drums next…
13:45 Drums sound epic, Acoustic track not so much…
13:52 First time I’ve laid down a live bass guitar track for 90MSC… sounding pretty good….
14:01 Double electrics are done!
14:09 Acoustic guitar is redone, and now in time!
14:12 Instruments done! lets mix this mutha and make it rock!
14:36 trying to get the mix down, I’m using too many plugins, it’s chugging the system!
14:37 I have to wait for cubase to render the audio so I can turn off some plugins
14:42 moar rendering!
14:48 Exporting final Track!
14:50 DONE!

just waiting for uploads to complete…


More Metaness: Holy Sh!t I’m on the internet!

How did this happen? I’m on the internet? Who let that happen? Do the internet police know about this?
But Wait, There’s More!